The Son of Bigfoot 2018 by Jeremy Degruson, Ben Stassen

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 Release Date: 

 Runtime: 92 min

 MPAA Rating: 

 Language: English

 Country: France, Belgium


The Son of Bigfoot is an animated comedy movie directed by Jeremy Degruson and Ben Stassen. Adam, a young teenager is on an epic mission to search his lost father. He does not know that his father is an amazing Bigfoot. On the other hand, in the search of special DNA people because he is a scientist and wants to perform experiments on them. Later, Adam finds that he also has super powers as his father has. Rent, watch The Son of Bigfoot movie online and Buy DVD Rental after its release.

 Cast & Crew

Actors: Christopher L. Parson, Cal Brunker, Joey Camen, Joe Thomas, Bob Barlen

Directors: Jeremy Degruson, Ben Stassen

Writers: Bob Barlen, Cal Brunker

Producers: Bob Barlen, Cal Brunker, Olivier Courson, Fabrice Delville, Eric Dillens, Gina Gallo, Mimi Maynard, Domonic Paris, Ben Stassen, Caroline Van Iseghem, Steve Waterman

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