Overdrive 2017 by Antonio Negret

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 Release Date: 

 Runtime: 93 min

 MPAA Rating: PG-13

 Language: English, French, German

 Country: France, USA


This is the story of two car thieves Andrew and Garrett Foster. They spend significant time in luxury and expensive cars. They've been enlisted to take a flawless Bugatti 1937 esteemed million euros, so they make a beeline for the south of France for the employment. The Bugatti owns by a local crime boss Jacomo Morier and he caught them both. Then Jacomo Morier offers them a deal to steal a car from Max Klemp in order save their life.

 Cast & Crew

Actors: Ana de Armas, Scott Eastwood, Gaia Weiss, Freddie Thorp, Clemens Schick

Directors: Antonio Negret

Writers: Michael Brandt, Derek Haas

Producers: Michael Brandt, Serge de Poucques, Morgan Emmery, Sylvain Goldberg, Derek Haas, Jean-Charles Levy, Grégoire Melin, Pierre Morel, Adrian Politowski, Renee Tab, Christopher Tuffin

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