Eat Locals 2017 by Jason Flemyng

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 Release Date: 

 Runtime: 94 min

 MPAA Rating: 

 Language: English

 Country: UK


Eat Local is a horror movie written by Danny King and directed by Jason Flemyng. Confronting troublesome circumstances and with their brilliance days long gone, the eight undisputed British vampire overlords get together for their semi-centennial meeting, be that as it may, before the break of sunrise, there will be blood. Furthermore, bodies. Heaps of them.

 Cast & Crew

Actors: Charlie Cox, Mackenzie Crook, Freema Agyeman, Tony Curran, Eve Myles

Directors: Jason Flemyng

Writers: Danny King

Producers: Edoardo Bussi, Guy Collins, Fred Hedman, Neil Jones, Adam Stephen Kelly, Colin Lomax, George Morris, Claudia Ramos, Michael Ryan, Rod Smith, Jonathan Sothcott, Sam Tromans

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