Chappaquiddick 2018 by John Curran

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 Release Date: 

 Runtime: 101 min

 MPAA Rating: PG-13

 Language: English

 Country: Sweden, USA


Through evident records, reported in the examination from the examination in 1969, the film tends to the outrage and strange occasions encompassing the suffocating of Mary Jo Kopechne (Kate Mara) after Ted Kennedy (Jason Clarke) drove his auto off the notorious Dike Bridge. Not exclusively did this occasion end the life of a trying political strategist and Kennedy insider, it eventually changed the course of presidential history, personally uncovering the wide reach of political power, the impact of America's most praised family, and the weakness of Ted Kennedy, the most youthful child, in the shadow of his family heritage.

 Cast & Crew

Actors: Kate Mara, Olivia Thirlby, Clancy Brown, Jason Clarke

Directors: John Curran

Writers: Taylor Allen, Andrew Logan

Production: Entertainment Studios Motion Pictures

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